Friday 6 August 1999

I'm afraid I was rather drunk

Leicester square smells like spliff- let's go to Soho. I got cash earlier - need none now - others need now. Plenty tourists - will we find anywhere? Fear & loathing in central London. Khaos taken - what are we doing? l to. Heading to Soho - nothing open. Duncan recognises me from party - but I am pissed. Let's eat meat. Who. why are there no whore adverts in bus stops - only phone booths. Dan. muthafuka. Centrepoint - does Paul know.? Impulse. Who knows? Tottenham court. Like me Dan search - no-one else. marketese at the bar - it's all bollocks. Beer sounds good.. Erin emailed earlier- cool. I thought i'd scared her off.. Whodo you think you are. Point 101. Drinks on me. Film. Quiff? Told! Soundscape in waiting. Tits out for the lads. Dan fuck off. Fingers. Nothing to see. Crazy rock and roll guys. Red shit in a glass. With ice. Beat pounds out. Soundscape posse. Hunter rules. Fear & loathing in old London town... Revision A. System X. No future. Fugue. Waistcoat? Not me. Spilled drinks - but nothing much. Duncan's girlfriend's dad's numberplate is wince. Geordie? Haha. Scott - where do I need coming through - move aside. Volcano! Young people are evil. I am evil. Strange. Start to live. Another hotdog - greedy bastard. Don't ask for lime. Paul ties his laces. Arse. Dancing aound a record bag - flash - aah-aah. Elsewhere to be. Is this syncopation - or is this guy a cunt. Yeah. Cunt.   On to The Bar. Theres Nowhere else is going to let a drunk like me in.. Under her black wings... The boogaloo crew. Aheae's zoot much - fuck it - damn this i must some sort of wanking? I don't mind the hate & i don't mind the pain - arse. I hate moses. Should I publish this uncorrected? I don't think so. Blokes well up for a shag - no thanx.. Hey Dan Liverpool - here I am dancing. Arseholes.

This guy's trying his best - but his best is shit! Hoaay tonight - as if I'd xong tg f“g meaction. Horny.

I don't have a clue what I have just written other than I have just payed \xa320.