Sunday 8 August 1999


Almost time to check on the food. This is a very funny film it's so obvious that it is taken from the stage. As James Robinson once wrote in Starman - you know you're getting older when you start looking forward to the Harpo Harp solo... 20:36 - food is doing well - way need something to thicken it. I'll throw a handful of oats in at nine. There must be a better way to pass the time. Why can't I be bothered to get up off of my arse. Time to run a bath - it takes far too long - I wish we had a shower. The only time I can completely forget myself these days is while sleeping - even laying in bed watching a good movie I am thinking of other things. Hugging my pillow is comforting - but in a limited way - it can't hug back. I'm bored enough to dial in just to upload this update... I wonder if any more of my ICQ authorisation requests have been answered - it's a pain using the same number on multiple machines - you have to get authorisation for each machine - if you are on the wrong machine when they reply then you have to ask again. I have got all of the important ones authorised now anyway - the ones left to get authorisation from very rarely send me anything... Bath, Food, Bed - G'Nite.