Saturday 7 August 1999


Shopping then bed. I just looked at digital cameras on the web - then thought when am I ever going to use it? I'll take a half dozen pictures to put on this page and then it'll never get used again. I need to get a change of clothes - feeling manky after sleeping in these. Maybe buy that madman t-shirt I saw in FP last week. Head fuzzy, still not entirely sober. Was last night gonzo? The pictures will show the truth. Grey skies match my mood. I like to lose myself watching clouds. Rain has stopped - small puddles stand lonely on the pavement - reflecting images of the sky above - they were in the sky, now the sky is in them. Deptford. A small flower pokes through a crack in the pavement - how long until it is crushed? The train pulls off, relentless. Destination gradually nearer. Rumble in the background - headphones reduce it but cannot remove it. Every inch of the track has been customised out of a can - tags have personal meaning - but are nothing to me. London bridge - sun pokes through the clouds. Music has captivated my thoughts - I will take a break (Palm battery is low too - I don't have a charger at home)