Monday 9 August 1999

Come up and see me sometime

With the statistic that men think of sex every 30 seconds (or whatever the statistic actually is) I find it strange that I have never really mentioned anything sexual here. I think it's due to my fantasies being embarrassingly tame. I don't have fantasies involving 9 girls and an orangutang (I don't know what made me think of that - does anyone know what the Freudian significance of an orangutang is?)

I am more likely to fantasise about holding a girl tight and kissing her - far further than I have ever gone in real life. Maybe sleep together, and when I wake up early, as I have a tendency to do, I would watch her sleep for a couple of hours, maybe get close enough to feel her breath on my face. This is all coming from the guy who was shocked awake when a girl asked to come back to my place in a dream...