Tuesday 10 August 1999

Dreaming of you

A couple of dream diary entries today:

Went to see some sort of open air concert in Abbots Langley park with a load of people I went to secondary school with - I think the concert was trance and ambient stuff.   I asked some people from work if they wanted to come, but they were busy watching the news.  There were packs of young children roaming the park, preying on the weak.   We entered the park as a group and they backed away from our superior numbers.   There was a groundskeeper standing next to his lawnmower hitting himself repeatedly in the crotch with the handles of a pair of garden shears.

I am riding in a car with someone around a city - sometimes it looks like Watford, but most of the time I don't recognise it.  The driver is speeding, we go past some police cars, and they give chase.  The driver tries to outrun them.  We get out of the line of sight of the police and pull into a side road - we get out, run through a crowded marketplace, and hide behind a wall.  I hear a voice telling me to get away from the wall.  I am slow to react.  When I move away the voice says "Too slow, you've been made".  A trapdoor opens and we both feel compelled to jump down it.  I wake up later in a large arena - I have had cybernetic wings grafted onto my back, and the mind of an executive in the Chinese corporation that has funded the arena has been bonded to mine in some way - he can see and feel everything I do, and can nudge me to do things that are against my nature.  I am to fight the driver who was my friend - now there is just hatred.  He has also been cybernetically modified, but in a different way - I don't know the details of his modification.  The fight begins.   The dream ends.